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Motor etek

It operates under a 48v dc voltage and consumes 100a. you will also like the following associated products: quick view dc motor me0909 me1906 48v 100a € 756. the me0708 is a bolt- in replacement for the original etek motor. brush- type permanent magnet dc motor with double brush- set and sturdy 1 inch x 2. maximum speed is self regulating and is set by the manufacturer to meet specific application requirements. the etek motor is a brushed 25- pound pancake shaped motor that puts out enormous power for its weight. improvded regenerative braking can be set to meet terrain requirements and individual needs for feel. mars brushless pmac motor with 36/ 48v 450a controller kit. documentation of the etek 48v 100a dc motor. more torque but less speed than the etek- r.

99 view motenergy me1003 pmdc motor $ 849. it has the highest power/ weight/ dollar ratio available on the market for brushed pm motors. what kind of motor is the briggs& stratton etek? the etek motor is a brushed dc motor.

its recommended maximum rotor rotation speed is 4000 rpm. motenergy me1004 pmdc motor. what type of motor is an etek motor? quick view dc motor me0909 me1906 48v 100a second hand. it also reduces brake wears and enhances battery life. motenergy me0708 pmdc motor $ 624. 99 view motenergy me0709 pmdc motor $ 649. what is the etek me0708? depending on amperage and voltage the etek can easily provide between 15- horsepower and 30- horsepower reliably and consistently ( 11- kw / 22- kw). 99 view ( 1) motenergy me0909 pmdc motor $ 479.

motenergy me1003 pmdc motor, 12- 72v, 15. motenergy me1003 pmdc motor. the 48 volt etek motor provides 32 ft- lbs of torque independent of vehicle voltage. © motor information systems, a division of hearst business publishing, inc. motor etek a perfect platform for a powerful electric bike if you do not mind the weight. our motor is the oem briggs & stratton etek motor! 99 view motenergy me1004 pmdc motor $ 674. etek products 1- 5 of 5 show featured! what kind of motor is the etek 48v 100a?

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